Magisterial’s Adrian Digger

What Adrian lacks in size, he makes up for in personality.  This little guy is overflowing with ambition and spunk.  He is a very high energy dog and his enthusiasm for life is evident from his everlasting smile.  On walks, he trots along effortlessly as if he were walking on air.  He loves the outdoors and is curious about his surroundings; he is always wanting to venture off on exploratory expeditions.  Adrian loves to jump up on your lap and snuggle in, while you watch television.  He loves being close to us and you can see his joy as he pants happily with his tongue hanging out (this is his signature trait).  He has earned the nickname “Adrian Digger” from his tendency to kick the soil out from behind him after he has finished his business.  It is quite amusing to watch!  Adrian truly is a joy to have around and can always brighten up our day with his contagious smile.  Magisterial wouldn’t be the same without this cute little guy.